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Online Resources

Stay Connected 

Many of us can’t meet in person right now, so EnglishConnect is providing new resources to support online conversation groups. Under the direction of local leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, EnglishConnect conversation groups can be held online. Please work with local Church leaders if you would like to provide online EnglishConnect conversation groups.

New Resources 

EnglishConnect resources have been updated to help local Church leaders provide online conversation groups and stay connected. Use the links below to access practice activities, conversation group activities, and instructions on how you can lead an online conversation group.

Note: These resources are being improved over time and content may change as new versions are released.

Learner Resources

Online Preparation Activities

These online resources correspond to the EnglishConnect 1 & 2 Learner Manuals. They include activities to prepare learners for conversation group learning, tips on how to study, vocabulary, listening practice, and gospel-based learning activities. 

EnglishConnect 1: English | Spanish | Portuguese
EnglishConnect 2: English | Spanish | Portuguese

    Learners should access these resources on the learner resources page.

    Virtual Groups

    Virtual Group Participant Guide: This guide will help learners get the most out of a virtual meeting.

    Download PDF: English

    Teacher Resources

    Online Conversation Group Activities 

    These online resources correspond to the EnglishConnect 1 & 2 Teacher Manuals. They are designed to help teachers prepare to lead a conversation group. It includes gospel-based learning activities, language reviews, preparation activities, vocabulary, and practice activities for the conversation group. 

    EnglishConnect 1: English | Spanish | Portuguese 
    EnglishConnect 2: English | Spanish | Portuguese 

    Teachers can access these resources on the teacher resources page.

    How to Hold an Online Conversation Group 

    EnglishConnect is offered through local Church units, please work with your local leaders to get started and set up a new online conversation group. 
    Getting Started 

    After approval and support from local leaders, follow these simple steps to lead an online conversation group: 
    • Under the direction of your local leader, identify participants that are interested in joining a weekly online conversation group
    • Choose a platform to host the meeting (Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Video, etc.) 
    • Not sure what to do next? We have you covered, check out these two resources below.  

    Online Teacher Training Course

    Your role is to create an environment where the Spirit can teach. This online teacher training will help you prepare to do so as you help learners feel love and support and to feel confident that Heavenly Father will help them learn English 
    Online Teacher Training Course

    Virtual Groups

    Guide to Leading Virtual Groups: This guide, along with the facilitator's guide, will help instructors have a more effective virtual meeting.

    Download PDF: English

    Feedback Survey

    EnglishConnect learners, teachers, and providers can provide feedback for the above online resources and share additional online solutions they have found to learn English and foster faith using EnglishConnect. 

    EnglishConnect Online Resources Feedback Survey