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Stay Connected

EnglishConnect and Social Distancing: What you need to know

Distance Learning

EnglishConnect is still available to learners despite the suspension of in-person gatherings. A new Distance Learning Guide is now available with tips on how to continue English learning online and stay connected during lockdowns.

Stay Connected

Teachers, missionaries, and learners can use social media to continue practicing with local groups. Some options include, WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom, QQ, WeChat, QZone, and Marco Polo. Work together with your group to decide which platform works best for you.

What can we do?

Here are ways that teachers and learners can keep practicing English from a distance:


  • Create a group on a social media platform and choose one that works best for the learners in your area.
  • Post English questions. Use audio, text, and video.
  • Share how faith helps your learning process and invite learners to respond with questions like, How has distance learning affected you? How have you seen God’s hand in learning English? How has learning English opened doors to new opportunities in your life? How has it helped you overcome challenges? How can you seek divine help to reach your English learning goals? How can you use EnglishConnect as a ministering resource?
  • Create and post short English conversation models with audio, text, and video. Models can relieve learners’ stress.
  • Post quotes and messages from Church leaders in English and the native language.
  • Assign learners to speaking partner pairs. Switch partnerships every week to help learners get to know all the group members. Ask local missionaries to be speaking partners with learners during the week.
  • Set up group conversations and gospel discussions. Ask local missionaries to participate as assistant teachers, and to lead gospel discussions.


  • Respond to other learners. Talk to each other and work together.
  • Post your own questions. Do not be afraid to ask for help.
  • Share how faith helps your learning process. How has distance learning been good or hard? How have you seen God’s hand in learning English?
  • Meet with speaking partners online. Get to know your group and learn from each other. Use the teacher’s models when you’re feeling stuck.

You Can Do This

EnglishConnect learners and teachers can still practice and learn at a distance, even though it is different. Church leaders believe in you and want you to succeed. We are blessed to have technology and other ways to learn from each other.