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Learn English. Expand your opportunities.
Develop your English skills in an environment of faith, fellowship, and growth.
  • Faith
    Come closer to God as you apply spiritual principles of learning.
  • Fellowship
    Practice with others in a supportive community.
  • Growth
    Expand your opportunities for service, education, and employment.
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All are welcome.

Free & low-cost options available!

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Learn to speak English with confidence

English is a global language connecting businesses, travelers, and even the internet. However, many people around the world face obstacles to learning English including cost, distance, time, self-doubt, and access.

Are you wanting to learn English to...

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    Find a new job?

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    Attend university?

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    Achieve a goal?

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    Serve in your community?

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    Communicate with family and friends?

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We can help

Join thousands who are speaking English confidently through our unique approach to language learning—an approach that includes personal study, daily practice, and in-person or virtual conversation groups.

Here's how it works:


Personal Study

Accelerate your learning by preparing for your conversation group. Access resources online or in print to study a principle of learning, memorize vocabulary, and practice using sentence patterns.

Conversation Groups

Build confidence and strengthen connections as you teach and learn together. Improve your speaking and listening as you practice in small groups or pairs.
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Daily Practice

Use the EnglishConnect study resources to develop a habit of daily practice. Find ways to replace your daily activities to listen, speak, read, and write in English.

Choose your level and start today

With three options, EnglishConnect helps you get started at the right level and grow with each step. Once you complete a level, you can advance to the next level or repeat a level to continue improving.

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Choose Your Level

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About Us

Experience a faith-based approach

Provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, EnglishConnect has brought together more than 100,000 learners in over 100 countries, all who are seeking to expand their opportunities through learning English. We may have different levels of English ability, but together with the help of God we can achieve our goals.

About Us

My favorite part of EnglishConnect is you are not alone.... The learners in the conversation groups become like family and encourage you to not give up and continue toward your goals.
Lizbeth Andrade
El Paso, Texas