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The EnglishConnect Difference
Achieve your goals in an environment of faith, fellowship, and growth.

Developing English proficiency can expand opportunities for employment, education, service, and friendship. However, many people around the world face obstacles to learning English including cost, distance, time, self-doubt, and access.

EnglishConnect provides a unique opportunity for learners to overcome these barriers.

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    Free or Low Cost
    Access study resources and conversation groups at minimal to no-cost.
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    Receive and give encouragement, meet new friends, and gain confidence.
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    Increase Faith
    Act in faith to seek God’s help in learning English.

We know that learning a language requires commitment, time, diligence, support, and intentional practice. Through an effective learning-model, EnglishConnect's curriculum is designed to help you grow your English skills step-by-step.

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Blend of Academic and Spiritual Principles

EnglishConnect is built on the premise of faith: we believe in your capacity as a learner and in God’s capacity to help you achieve your goals. EnglishConnect can help you understand and apply spiritual principles of learning and proven principles of language learning.
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Conversation Groups

Practice speaking and listening as you join friendly conversation groups. Practice in an environment where we learn from our mistakes and progress together. Increase your confidence to use English in everyday situations. Conversation groups can be in-person or online.
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Sentence Patterns to Accelerate Learning

Use simple patterns to rapidly learn how to communicate your own ideas and build a foundation for higher levels. In the first five lessons alone, you can learn 90 words and 18 sentence patterns. From there, you can ask 200 questions and make 3,000 sentences.
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Focus on Communication

Move beyond grammar drills and focus on using English to communicate. You’ll be surprised how quickly you move from saying words to holding conversations as you build confidence with every lesson.
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Develop Targeted Skills

Develop targeted English skills to prepare for service, employment, and academic opportunities—especially BYU-Pathway Worldwide.
I've had experiences with other programs, but this is totally different. You're not just learning a new language, but you're gaining confidence on what you can achieve because you're setting goals and receiving support.
Pamela Sepulveda