BYU-Pathway Worldwide student graduating in 2024
BYU-Pathway Worldwide student graduating in 2024
Learn English.
Prepare for a degree.

EnglishConnect is just the beginning!

Learning English can expand opportunities to new jobs, cultures, and people. It can also help you gain access to more education. EnglishConnect prepares you to earn a degree through BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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With EnglishConnect, you can start learning English with zero experience and grow to the point of taking university courses.
Lionel Missigbeto from the Ivory Cost, Africa, shares how EnglishConnect prepared him for BYU-Pathway
Lionel Missigbeto
Ivory Coast, Africa

University Education Online

BYU-Pathway can help you earn a certificate or degree completely online at a significantly reduced cost!

  • No standardized test requirement
  • No high school diploma
  • No application fee

EnglishConnect 3 can help you develop academic English skills and prepare for BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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Why BYU-Pathway Worldwide?

Increase your faith in Jesus Christ

A BYU-Pathway Worldwide student looks out a classroom window in Africa.

BYU-Pathway develops disciples of Jesus Christ who are leaders in their homes, congregations, and communities. You will build hope and confidence through faith-based academic courses and free religion courses.

A teacher and a student at a BYU-Pathway gathering work on a project together.

Get a better job

BYU-Pathway students often improve their employment 2-3 times before graduation. Earn three certificates as part of your accredited bachelor’s degree. Gain relevant skills and get a better job before graduating!

Save time and money

Student Anita Woodford graduating through BYU-Pathway in 2024.

Finish faster with three-year bachelor’s degrees that keep core courses and eliminate elective credits. All students qualify for low tuition and guaranteed discounts, and recently returned missionaries get an extra 25% off.