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About EnglishConnect
Serving a global audience, we are an English-language program provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Our goal is to help participants expand opportunities through developing English skills in an environment of faith, fellowship, and growth. 

Increased English proficiency can improve opportunities for service, employment, and education. Through EnglishConnect, you can build confidence to communicate in the global community and use English in the workplace. Learners who complete EnglishConnect 3 will be better prepared to earn a degree through BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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In EnglishConnect, we act in faith to seek God’s help and strength in learning English. Throughout our curriculum, we apply a spiritual principle of learning that helps us understand our true potential and God’s ability to increase our capacity to learn.
Build Friendships


In EnglishConnect conversation groups, we foster friendships and build a support network that uplifts and inspires us. While we may come from different backgrounds, together we can increase our confidence, learn from our mistakes, and celebrate our progress.
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EnglishConnect is more than learning English; it’s also about increasing our capacity to learn and teach. No matter where we begin, we work hard and partner with God to achieve our goals. We act in faith to practice English daily, increase our skills, and to open doors to exciting possibilities, like…
  • Better employment
  • Higher education opportunities, especially through BYU-Pathway Worldwide
  • Service opportunities
  • New friendships
Learn by study and also by faith
Through EnglishConnect, we strive to learn by study and also by faith. In EnglishConnect, we study and apply six principles of learning. These principles describe what we believe about you and your ability to partner with God to achieve your goals.

Six Principles of Learning

1. You are a child of God

In EnglishConnect, we know that every participant is a child of God with eternal potential. When we understand our true potential, we can partner with God to do things that seem impossible – including learning English.

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2. Exercise faith in Jesus Christ

We invite learners to learn about Jesus Christ and exercise faith in Him. Through the grace and power of Jesus Christ, we can receive strength and help to learn and change.

3. Take responsibility

As children of God, we have the power to choose who we will become. Although others can help us, we must choose to do the work necessary to achieve our learning goals.

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4. Love and teach one another

One of the most amazing parts of EnglishConnect is the experience of learning together in our conversation groups. As we love, teach, and learn together, we invite God’s help, and our capacity grows.

5. Press forward

Learning a language takes time, effort, and persistence, but we aren’t alone. God can help us have strength and courage to keep working toward our goals.

6. Counsel with the Lord

Counseling with the Lord through prayer can help us evaluate our progress and focus our efforts. As we seek His guidance, we can find solutions to our problems, and overcome our challenges.