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Approved Locations

Before EnglishConnect 1 and 2 can be offered in a country, the Office of General Counsel (OGC) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must give legal approval.

Please review the information below. Review this list of approved locations and country-specific requirements.

General Legal Requirements for Approved Locations

The Office of General Counsel has approved the following operational guidelines for the EnglishConnect program. These guidelines will apply worldwide to EnglishConnect 1, EnglishConnect 2, and Learn English Now, subject to any country-specific legal requirements outlined in the EnglishConnect legal summary for each country.

  • Obtain parental consent for each student 18 years old or under using the Parental Consent Form.
    • Obtain both parent signatures where possible. If someone 18 or under is living on his or her own, parental consent is not needed.
    • Completed forms must be stored by local leaders and available for audit.
  • Do not charge any fees or costs to participants for program participation.
    • Program materials can be provided for free (by online download) or purchased through regular distribution channels by local units or directly by participants.
  • At least one-third of all teaching must contain substantial religious content (religious content should take up 20 minutes of each hour of instruction or 30 minutes of each 90 minutes of instruction).Note: If the courses are implemented as designed, always including the gospel lesson or My Foundation for Self-Reliance lesson in each class, this requirement will be met.
  • Follow all local country standards for the vetting and calling of teachers of youth for any EnglishConnect teacher who will be teaching anyone under 21.
  • Follow all program guidelines contained in the leader and teacher guides, which include the use of the online registration system (when available) to ensure data privacy.
  • In order to avoid threats to missionary visas or the Church’s legal status, any mission in a country that has never used English teaching as a contact method must obtain specific OGC approval before beginning to use EnglishConnect materials.

For all EnglishConnect programs, the following terms apply instead of the BYU Privacy Notice at the bottom of the page:

EnglishConnect Terms of Participation | Terms of Use | Privacy Notice