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Important Notice: These resources will be replaced with new curriculum in 2024.

For missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Missionaries can use these resources to help others learn English in an environment of fellowship and faith. These experiences can provide opportunities to invite others to learn more about the gospel.

Whenever possible, EnglishConnect should be a member-led, missionary-supported experience. In addition to working with missionaries, English learners should join an EnglishConnect group with members and other friends of the Church (often accomplished virtually). Groups will help learners develop friendships, grow faith, and provide additional opportunities to practice English.

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EnglishConnect resources have been updated to help missionaries provide gospel-centered English tutoring for Spanish speakers. Use the links below to access practice activities and instructions on how to lead individualized online tutoring.

These resources will be improved over time, and content may change as new versions are released.

Do you have Learners who want more intensive study?

Consider having them register for EnglishConnect 3, a self-paced online course with a student-led weekly gathering held online or in a local meetinghouse. Learn more by visiting our Get Started page in English.

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Missionaries and learners can provide feedback on the above online resources. Feedback will help us better understand how to help missionaries and empower learners to improve their English abilities in an environment of fellowship and faith.

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