Pathway - Nau family
Pathway - Nau family
Virtual Groups

EnglishConnect resources have been adapted to help teachers and leaders provide online conversation groups and stay connected. Please keep in mind that EnglishConnect is most successful when all learners are interacting and practicing conversations.

The best way to facilitate interaction is to put learners into pairs or small groups. Use online conference breakout rooms and other tools to help learners talk to each other as much as possible. For example, instead of having one learner speak while the entire group listens, break learners into groups of two or more to have conversations. Then regroup for the next activity. Encourage everyone to use video if possible.


Guide to Leading Virtual Groups

This guide will help you prepare and lead online EnglishConnect groups.



Virtual Group Participant Guide

Share this with your learners by putting the link in the chat during your meetings. Refer to it as needed.


Conversation Group Presentations

You can display the presentations below to help guide learners through the activities in each lesson. These presentations are available in the following languages:

English | French | Portuguese | Spanish